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From here to there

Maybe your business already has a well-established look. Maybe you already have a company logo and stationary…or maybe not.

Either way this is not a problem. No matter how developed your advertising presence is, give Alpha Design a blank slate, a seed, or a full marketing plan, and watch as we create a solution you will be proud of.

Hands on & Hands off

Once the goals of the project have been defined, we will get to work. You will be able to track your project in detail as it progresses, to ensure that expectations are being met before the launch.

How much input will you have throughout the process?

As much as you like. We encourage you to take an active interest in your project’s development, but we also understand that you have a business to run. Whatever your level of involvement is, the end product will shine.

Going Live

Once the design is complete, we will set you up with a solid, reliable webhosting service, and submit the site to the major search engines. Interested in purchasing some online advertising space? We can do that too.

Your relationship with Alpha Design doesn’t have to end with the launch of your website. We can also maintain and keep your website up-to-date. Choose our special offer for maintenance plans to give you the support you need and keep your website reliable and error free.

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