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Clash Of Kings

Clash Of Kings Update 1.0.89

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Clash Of Kings 1.0.89 Update (15/05/15)

New Item: Large Claw Lions

This item has text linked to it saying “Humans! Go to die!!” and “You, human beings, massacred our brothers. The punishment is going to be an eye for an eye!”

Custom Avatars

Instead of the limited few pictures you can have as your avatar, you will be able to upload your own.

Although it is prohibited to use photos that contain insulting, violent and pornographic content, or any political issue and innuendo, racism, religionism and other unreasonable photos.

Event: Dark Knights

Allies above Rank 4 can only open this event.
During the event, Dark Knights will attack all allies. The more Dark Knights you defend, the better reward you will receive.

Some Dark Knights are too powerful.

Therefore, you would better unite all allies to defend Dark Knights together.

Dark Knights will not attack you if you have failed twice. At that time, you can reinforce castles of other allies.

If all allies have failed twice, then this Alliance Event is over.

Note: The Peace Shield will have no effect against the Dark Knights attacks.

Event: Fangs Collecting

During the event, monster “large claw lion” will appear in the map. Killing large claw lion will automatically refresh a few mines around it, and receive item “huge fangs”.

You can collect huge fangs to exchange rewards here, huge teeth can also be purchased in the store.

You can exchange the next reward only if the previous one has been exchanged. The prize list will be refreshed every {0} hours, or when you have exchanged all the rewards in bonus list, the rewards will refresh automatically.
“If you have the huge fangs of large claw lion, you can exchange with me. I need to bring these fangs back to our country in order to complete the challenge of the king and thus marry the beautiful princess!”

My Lord, your huge buck teeth are not enough to trade this stuff, please go outside to wipe out those dangerous large claw lions.

Fangs of large claw lion. During the Fangs Collecting event, you can exchange the fangs for abundant rewards with Crown Prince in neighboring country in the Event Center
“You need to complete three challenges of the king in order to get the princess!”

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