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Maintaining Your Web Content/Updating your website content

The world is constantly changing around us and as a result, we have to do the same. Just the same as a high street shop needs to constantly change their shop window to attract customers to their products, websites also need to change to keep up with growing demand and fashionable trends? This does not mean a business should lose its identity but should enhance what it has to offer and attract a further client base through the promotion of new products and services. Sadly, in these current times, a website which remains static can lose customers through its inability to keep up with this ever-growing e-sales market.

Any website should look fresh and appealing. Promote an image of success and stability in order to attract and retain visitors on a daily basis.

Approach to updating

All websites should have up-to-date content, especially for e-commerce. Put yourself in your potential client’s position; would you keep returning to a site which advertises products which are no longer available? Once confidence has been lost in a company, so has its reputation.

If you have a news section or announcements about new products then it is vital that these reflect the current situation.

If you have old news stories that you feel will be of interest to your visitors, place them in an archive that can be easily searched by interested parties.

Ensure that all the photos on your site are recent and include only your current staff.

What we can do for you!

All this can be very time consuming “ but we have the solution for you! For just £10 per month, we can update your website up to a maximum of 10 updates for each month paid. An example of an update would be: adding a new image to replace an old one or updating the news page (by adding new text) 10 times per month and all this just for £10 per month. If you would like further information please contact us by selecting this link.

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