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Clash Of Kings

Clash Of Kings 1.0.87 Update (29/04/15)

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Item: Horn
This item will be used to send the entire kingdom a viewable announcement.

Item: Chest
There will be a new chest where “which can only be opened with the help of friends”.

Item: Miscellaneous
There will be a new if used you will receive:
Advanced Teleport (1)
1-Hour Speedup (10)
24-Hour Peace Shield (1)
50 Dragon Coins
Resources (total value of 7,999 Gold).

There will be notifications that will tell you when you have been muted, and cannot send announcements (using the horn item).

Also, it will now state if you were added or removed from a chat, as well as if a group has been disbanded.

You can now choose to be reminded of Alliance Chat content, individual mail and when you can collect rewards (alliance gifts, harbour supplies and other rewards).

Other: King’s Privileges
It is now listed and has text for the rewards you receive for ruling the kingdom;
Banner: You have the option to change the kingdoms banner to your choosing.
Throne: You can change the appearance of the kingdoms palace.
Gift: When you take the Palace you are rewarded gifts.
Rename: You can name the palace and the kingdom.
Declaration: You can now appoint citizens roles, such as “Queen”, “Prime Minister”, “Grand Justice” and “Archbishop”.

Other: Alliance Territory
You can now build an “Alliance Turret” in the terrain, and then the surrounding area becomes your Alliance Territory.

This Turret will be needed to be maintained by Alliance members, this includes building, repairing and defending it.

Nail Hammer
Damascus Machete
Giant Double Blade Axe
Raptor Battle Helmet
Crusader Helmet
Corinthian Helmet
Priest’s Long Robe
Plate Armour
Defender Armour
Scale Pants
Leather Truss Pants
Silk Shorts
Guard Boots
Heavy Leather Boots
Plunder Boots
Angel Ring
Fearless Ring
Scholar Ring
Troop’s announcements:
You will now be told the time of when enemy troops will attack terrain owned by you.

Use the green gems to get one more chance at free spins and chance to double your money, and speed up the process to get a special bonus.

WILD symbols count as every other symbol except SCATTER, and only appear on reels 2, 3, 4 and 5.

3 SCATTER symbols trigger the bonus of 10 free spins, and only appear on reels 1, 2 and 3. During free spins, 3 scatters add ten additional free spins to the amount of free spins remaining.

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