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Ioannis Ntizoglou

About Ioannis Ntizoglou

Ioannis Ntizoglou (Yiannis Dizoglou) is the Co-Founder and owner of Alpha Design.  With 11 years of experience in many programming languages including VB, C#, C++, PASCAL, Python and JAVA as well as many scripting languages including ASP/ASPX, PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, XML and Action Script. Mr Ioannis Ntizoglou is one of the few very skilled developers currently in the world.  His programing and scripting skills are going further as he has a clear understanding and an excellent knowledge of SQL and therefore he can successfully complete any Database project and he can solve any database issues from a current database.  He has the ability to normalise data by using all the evalable normal forms and as a result the database performance of any database will improve.

Mr Ioannis Ntizoglou has also the knowledge and the ability to analyse, manage and complete projects by using the available tools (e.g. Microsoft Project, CASE tools) and methodologies (e.g. PRINCE 2 – 2017 updated, SSM and SSADM) ICT project managers and System Analysts using globally.

Designing logos and websites since 2006 also alowed him to perfect his design skills as well as his communication skills with clients.  This is one of the main reasons why our existing clients recomend us, due to the fact that all their request have been fully satisfied.

Mobile apps and video games for mobile devices are new technologies however Mr Ioannis Ntizoglou has all the skills and the ability to fully satisfy and complete your requests.

Lastly it is important to inform you that Mr Ioannis Ntizoglou has the ability to fully optimise any website and ensure that your website will NOT only be blacklisted by search engines but will be favourtised by search engines and as a result will rang on the first page on Google, Bink, Yahoo, etc for competitive keywords.