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Update immediately your Adobe Flash player

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Update immediately your Adobe Flash player (ASAP) on your PC, MAC, Linux, Windows Tablet, Android Tablet, iPad and Smartphone.
Adobe is urging all the users of Adobe Flash Player, “which is installed on more than 2 billion devices” to upgrade their Adobe Flash Player to the latest version.  Adobe stated that the vulnerability has been actively spread mainly on devices running Windows 10 which are running Flash Player version as well as any other previous versions.
Trend Micro’s Zero Day Initiative, FireEye, Microsoft’s security team, Google’s Project Zero, Ioannis Ntizoglou from Alpha Web design (best web design company by far in North West and mainly in Manchester) and many other researchers are credited with the discovery of this problem/vulnerability.  Adobe didn’t say how many users have been affected by this vulnerability, however, I believe that it is coming to thousands of people/users of the Adobe Flash Player.
How it works; the ransomware which can be installed, on any device which supports the Adobe Flash Player, give access to hackers and crackers to have full control of your pc, laptop, tablet, and smartphone.  This allows them to use your device as a slave (give instructions to do anything they like e.g. recover passwords, send emails, read private documents, change documents and much more).
To identify which version of the Flash Player you are running, you can right-click on any Flash content in your web browser and select the “About Adobe Flash Player” option.  If you are not very good with the technology, don’t worry.  You can just visit the Adobe’s website and download the latest version.  Here is the link for you:

Visit the Adobe’s website, download the latest Flash Player and follow the installation instructions.

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