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Clash Of Kings

Clash Of Kings 1.0.86 Update (20/04/2015)

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There will be various implementation that can be used for a tactical advantage on your troops (archers, Crossbowman, Cavalry, Pikeman, Infantry and so on). These will be used to increase attack, marching speed, health points, range, defence and can cause your troops to attack two or three times.

A few of these items and techniques will be shields, pikes, charges, iron armour, deathly march, puncture, grit, aiming, load, siege attack and defence.

There will be a new item that can reward you 200 Dragon Coins, and another that can give 1000 Dragon Coins

There are new warnings, one which tells you to update your game to use an item, another when your enemy is using a Peace Shield; there though they can’t be attacked or scouted.

You will now say new quotes when certain events transpire, such as “Now, I, am the king!”, “I have found my league”, “Get shot in knee by an arrow” (which is likely to be a reference to the game Skyrim), “Long live the king!” as well as more.

When you become King of a Kingdom, you are now presented with a new text:

My King:

Congratulations! You have defeated countless competitors and become the king!

Nevertheless, please be careful. Getting on the throne is just the beginning. How to sit still on the throne is the real problem we are facing.

Now you can manage the whole Kingdom in the castle. Click crown icon so you can:

——change kingdom banner and the outlook of the castle

——change the name of the kingdom

——deliver king’s gift

——view appointment situation for official post (click other lord’s castle to appoint official post)

——add resource point and change the ratio of the supply in territory

Hope your kingdom can have a long-term peacefulness!

There will be three types of Lord, where you can either be a “Merciful Lord”, “Pragmatic Lord” or “Diligent Lord”.

There will be a list of new types of medals:

Great Powers Medal

Big Eater Medal

Weapon Expert Medal

Resource Expert Medal

The Hawk Medal

The Dove Medal

Worldwide Travel Medal

Tactician Medal

Full-Scale Clash Medal

Developer Medal

MOD Expert Medal

King’s Fan Medal

Generalist Medal

Wishing Medal

Trade Medal

Reinforcement Medal

Commander Medal

Day and Night Medal

Recommender Medal

Talent Medal

Healing Medal

Ant Medal

Good Partner Medal

Gold Medal

Platinum Medal

Trap Expert Medal

Wall of Honor

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